Congratulations on your Wedding - it will be one of the most important and memorable days of your life - we've been there - we know.
Our typical wedding Season runs from Spring through Fall (and sometimes right into the Christmas Season!!).  Each one of the Couples we work with have a different vision for their day - Sheryl and the Team at Oasis can assist you with making that vision a reality.  Small and DIY - we can help you with that - large and extravagant we have the expertise to make that happen for you.  
We offer a free Consult - usually runs about an hour - we listen, we get an understanding of what your wedding will look like - we provide options, ideas and a quote.  It is vital to get to know each other - together we are going to make the best team!
Let's chat and find out - Email us to book your consult. 
And, again, Congratulations to you and yours!!


 Here at Oasis Flower Shop we have a no minimum policy- what does that mean? Unlike studio/event florists who have to charge and use everything that is ordered, we are able to utilize flowers that are brought in for weddings by using them in the shop as well- ensuring you get the blooms you want without paying for more than you need!